Turning Faith into Action
“Sometimes, I am so afraid and feel all alone that I can’t stop crying at night. I don’t understand why these bad things have happened to me ... I just want to be happy and safe.”

Aren’t children supposed to feel secure and happy? Shouldn’t they expect to be cared for and loved by the adults in their lives? Unfortunately, for far too many children, this is not their reality. For over 80 years, Emunah (which is the Hebrew word for FAITH) has been the safe haven and loving home for hundreds of thousands of Israel’s most vulnerable, abused, and at-risk children, women and families.

The children, who have been removed from their homes by court order due abuse, neglect and/or abandonment, come to live at one of Emunah’s five residential homes.

Whether child or adult, when people come to Emunah, their world is transformed. They are no longer subjected to abuse and neglect, nor shame and humiliation. Instead, they are surrounded by the highest caliber of loving and professional staff, all dedicated to their welfare and safety. Through the power of FAITH, Emunah helps transform their lives, empowering each person with the ability to move forward to a brighter future.

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Emunah Family Crisis Counseling and Therapy Centers

“I knew I needed help… I was crying every night and afraid… Afraid that one of my children would be killed in a terror attack.” 

Emunah operates 11 specialized crisis trauma and family counseling centers offering therapeutic intervention, psychotherapy, group therapy and supplementary medicine for individuals, couples and families. 

Emunah Residential Children’s Homes

“One night I went in to ask my mother for a hug and a glass of water… Instead, I saw my father stabbing my mother to death Right in front of me she died. Why did he do it? I miss her every day.”

Each child that comes to live in an Emunah Children’s Home has a story. Some can express it in words, while others can only convey their past traumas through their tears and the haunted looks in their eyes. In many cases, these children have suffered intense mental and physical abuse at the hands of their parents who, themselves, suffer with severe mental illness and drug addictions. Emunah’s Job: To help each child heal and become whole again. To give them the FAITH that there IS A BRIGHTER TOMORROW. 

Emunah High Schools

“When my family came from Ethiopia it was very hard. We did not speak Hebrew or understand the culture. I was sent to school… I hated it. I could not follow anything, and the kids made fun of me. Finally, I was sent to an Emunah School. It was amazing! Now, I will be going to university. I am the very first person in my family to not only graduate high school, but go to University!”

The Award Winning Emunah High Schools are best known for their wide variety of courses, which include: art, drama, music, computers, Judaic religious studies and, an advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) track. The dedicated teaching staff utilize innovative and engaging pedagogical methods to develop the appropriate curriculum for each student, including, additional tutoring and support, when needed. Many of the 1,100+ female students come from refugee/immigrant families and live in severe poverty. Quality education offers them the opportunity to obtain advanced education, helping them to break the cycle of poverty and familial dysfunction they are all too familiar with.

World Emunah's Women's Shelters

When All the Doors Were Closed to Maya – Emunah’s  Were Open Maya’s future was full of hope and promise. She grew up in a middle-class home with access to education and opportunity. Her dream to have a family came true, and she spent her days caring for her three young children. But at night, her reality shifted. Once home from work, Maya’s husband began to drink heavily, turning into a “Dr. Jekyll Mr.. Hyde” right in front of her

World Emunah - David's Story

“Sometimes, I am so afraid and feel all alone that I can’t stop crying at night. I don’t understand why these bad things have happened to me… I just want to be happy and safe.”   These heartbreaking words came from the mouth of David, a young boy who, by age 8, experienced physical and mental abuse far greater than any child should ever encounter. And that was only the beginning.    One night, David witnessed his father stab his

Challah Bake
Are YOU ready to rise up and put YOUR FAITH into action on behalf of the children and families of Israel by joining the Emunah Challah Bake challenge?

Emunah Challah Bake is an interactive event bringing together the Christian and the Jewish communities on behalf of the children and families of Israel. This will be a night of making and breaking bread together! For thousands of years, Jewish women have made Challah bread. It is one of the mitzvot/commandments (Numbers 15:19-20, Deuteronomy 8:3) and it represents a beautiful synthesis of spirituality and physicality.

At this event, participants will enjoy the beauty of prayers and dance, make their own Challah to take home, and learn the spiritual significance of Challah.
Registration fees collected will go straight to Emunah, a non-profit social action organization in Israel that helps to transform the lives of Israel’s most vulnerable and at-risk children and families through the power of faith and love.

"And I will Bless them that Bless you...And in you, shall all the families of the earth be Blessed"
Genesis 12:3​
  • $15 – Weekly supplement meal program in Day Care Centers
  • $35 – New pair of shoes for one child 
  • $55 – After school activities for one month (art/dance/martial arts)
  • $90 – Shabbat & Holiday food basket for low-income family
  • $150 – Weekly tutoring for students in need
  • $250 – Monthly parent/child weekend activity and therapy session
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