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Emunah Afula
Emunah Afula strives to provide Israel’s children at risk with a safe and nurturing environment. At Emunah Afula there are residential children who have been placed with us by the Welfare Ministry and courts. There are also children who attend our ‘Day Program’ where they recieve the same high level of therapeutic support as the children who live in the home. Therapies provided at Emunah Afula include outdoor therapy, pet therapy, a carpentry workshop and music therapy. Every child is made to feel special and encouraged to discover their full potential.
Emunah Bet Saba Elazraki
Emunah Bet Saba Elazraki is a warm and loving ‘home-away-from home’ that supports and protects its children and offers them warmth and love, therapeutic treatment, as well as educational and social enrichment. The mission is to ensure that these children become healthy young adults, develop self-esteem, realize their full potential, contribute to society, and raise their children in a loving home of their own. We see tremendous success with our graduates who serve in the IDF, do National Service, or continue to higher academic studies.
Emunah Achuzat Sara
Emunah’s Achuzat Sara’s mission is to provide a warm and supportive children’s home for children at risk. Giving each child a sense of belonging, boosting self-confidence and inspiring belief in a better future. Here they learn Jewish values and love of the land of Israel so that they can become move on in life as vital members of Israeli society. The children at risk at Emunah’s Achuzat Sara have been traumatized by their own life experiences and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They deal with significant learning disorders, emotional difficulties and challenging behavior.
Emunah Neve Landy
Emunah Neve Landy Children’s Village is located in Even Shmuel, in the south of Israel, less than 25 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. It is a residential home for 75 boys at risk aged 6-18, and for many serves as an alternative or last resort intervention for boys who would otherwise require psychiatric hospitalization. The children suffer from ongoing PTSD and require a diverse range of intensive therapeutic interventions – including horticultural therapy, animal assisted therapy and art therapy. The therapeutic team at Neve Landy also includes two psychologists and a psychiatrist.
Emunah Neve Michael
Neve Michael Children’s Village is the only multi-disciplinary children’s home in Israel to offer a wide range of professional services on one site, including psychiatry, occupational therapy, social work, conventional and para-medical therapies and education. Neve Michael’s aims to provide each child with the love, care and professional treatment they need to overcome the traumatic circumstances, such as family dysfunction or neglect, violence in the home or mental, physical and/or sexual abuse they have endured, and to offer them a chance at a better future.

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