Ahead of their flight home: Overseas volunteers complete a year of Torah & lovingkindness

They come from all over the world, dividing their time between Torah [Bible] study and the children of the Children’s Home, and a special event was held in their honor. Meet the volunteers of Midreshet Torah Chessed.

The Emunah Bet Sabah Elazraki Children’s Home is home to 200 children at risk, aged 6-18, referred by the Ministry of Welfare.

The Home in Netanya is one of five Emunah children and youth villages nationwide. It is in this Home where one can find MTC, Midreshet Torat Chessed. The Midrasha was founded in 2012, attended by girls from around the world, and it will be opening its 11th year next year.

The Midrasha offers a life-changing experience, combining Torah studies with meaningful chessed (acts of lovingkindness). Every year, the Midrasha welcomes 35 girls from around the world – USA, Canada, England, Brazil, and Australia – who become the children’s older sisters.


How does it work?
The girls attend Torah studies every day between 8:30a.m.-1:00p.m. After their studies and well into the evening, they work at the Children’s Home and are fully engaged with doing chessed (loving-kindness). The girls are an integral part of the educational team that accompanies the children, and act as positive role models.

Pessie Blatt, one of the girls, explained: “The entire environment of MTC is life-changing to say the least. Each individual class teaches so much about to grow as a Jew and into the best us that we can be. I don’t think I have ever had so much inspiration in such a short span of time and I could not be more grateful for having been given this opportunity.”

The girls’ contribution to the Children’s Home is very significant for the kids. They mentor them, develop deep ties with them, accompany them throughout their daily routine and, thanks to them, many of the children already speak fluent English. Through the work with the children, the girls undergo an amazing and unique experience of helping others, as they are directly involved in changing lives and promoting the love of humanity.

Sarah Winter, one of the students, said: “As the teachers at MTC say, we learn Torah in the morning and live Torah in the afternoon. I truly feel this every day. When I leave my classes in end of the morning I feel accomplished, and when I leave the children in the end of the afternoon my whole day comes together.”

Yehuda Kohn, Director of the Emunah Bet Sabah Elazraki Children’s Home, said: “The girls’ added value changes the nature of our home, transforming it from a children’s home to a campus of goodness and chessed.”

“I am constantly amazed by the joy that Torah and chessed brings them,” concludes Midrasha Director Shira Melamed. “A person who is engaged is a happy person. A person who is engaged recognizes that he is part of something wonderful, which is accompanied by a beautiful sense of fulfillment and purpose. May we always take joy in the knowledge that we are brothers and may we always understand that it is the greatest responsibility and privilege one could ask for.”

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