Have You Ever Visited an Orphanage in The Holy Land?

[JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, May 1st, 2023—] As Israel celebrates it’s 75th anniversary, EMUNAH has been there from the start—caring for the people, whether orphans or refugees from the Holocaust, Arab countries or Ethiopia, EMUNAH has provided resources and support to hundreds of thousands of Israelis in need.

EMUNAH Israel faithfully provides life-changing services to help break the cycles of distress, abuse and poverty in Israel. EMUNAH is one of Israel’s leading social service and humanitarian aid NGO’s, and has now opened their doors to Christian groups and visitors to meet the “people of the Land” on their next tour of the Holy Land.

The Hebrew word ‘EMUNAH’ means faith, loyalty and faithfulness. For over 80 years, EMUNAH has been faithful to their calling by providing residential care for children who, for various reasons, are not able to live with their families. They desire to enable all children in Israel to look to a brighter, healthier future, in which they are able to build their own rewarding and stable lives and families.

Today, EMUNAH has grown into a diverse network of over 160 programs including: child care centers; residential youth villages and homes; schools; trauma counseling centers and, family advocacy services. EMUNAH is the proud recipient of the “Israel Prize” awarded by the Israel Government in recognition for their “Impact on the people and society of Israel.”

With the return of visitors to Israel, EMUNAH welcomed hundreds of friends from around the world in 2022. These visitors came to be a part of the EMUNAH Family and experience for themselves the quality care and love given to the thousands of children under Emunah’s protection. Visitors came from Canada, the United States, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, South Africa and Singapore! Regardless of where they came from, EMUNAH was thrilled to host them and welcomed them with open arms.

The groups enjoyed hands-on activities and immersive programs with children and students at various EMUNAH Residential Homes, Child Care Centers, High Schools and Counselling Centers. Not only did their visits have a tremendous impact on the children and families served by EMUNAH, but it left an enormous impression on our visitors. As stated by one of the Canadian leadership team members, “My life has been transformed during my visit to Israel. Not only have I seen with my own eyes the amazing truth about Israel, but spending time at various EMUNAH projects and interacting with the children and staff has shown me what true love and service means. It has shown me how to ‘Turn My Faith Into Action’!” 

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