The horrors that had befallen Sara and her siblings were the most shocking tales we had ever heard at one of our crisis centers.

In a word, their parents were brutal. All four children bore evident signs of physical abuse and torture. The children’s neighbors, who had reported the ugly scenes to the Welfare Authorities, told of the screams and sufferings they had witnessed.

Sara remained silent. The youngest and most innocent could not express what she saw and heard or explain the scars she bore on her arms and legs.

Her siblings had more to say about the horrors that took place, including sexual abuse. Additionally, the children were not properly clothed or fed and never attended school or made friends.

The children were placed in an Emunah Crisis Center and Shelter where they had a safe place to sleep and a loving staff to care for them. Emunah also met basic needs like food and clothing, and extensive therapy and counseling have helped them heal. The most promising sign is that Sara has learned to smile.

We were also happy to have provided them with academic programs and legal counsel so they could look forward to a brighter future. This happy ending is all possible because of the help and blessings of donors like YOU.

Our goal: Sponsor 10 Girls – $5000 per girl covers up to a six month stay with intensive therapy, ongoing academic programs and legal aide services, helping them to heal and move toward a long-term solution, which often includes placement in an Emunah Home so she can continue her healing journey.
Matched dollar for dollar through #GIVINGTUESDAY

Will you donate today? https://www.emunahangels.org/donate/

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