World Emunah Update 18
י׳׳ט באדר א׳ תשפ״ד

World Emunah Update 18

Representatives from World Emunah and Emunah Israel took part this week in the global conference organized by the World Zionist Organization considering the many challenges facing Israel and world Jewry since October 7th. The impressive and impactful speakers at the conference included President Isaac Herzog, IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, Rav Doron Perez (whose son Daniel, an IDF officer is still captive in Gaza), Thomas Hand (whose young daughter Emily was released from captivity), Ayelet Shmuel (Director of the International Resilience Center in Sderot) and Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau. During round table discussions, World Emunah representatives shared perspectives with community leaders from around the world on subjects including; Israeli resilience, global antisemitism, and Israel’s public relations. The message that was repeated throughout the conference is that Jews, whether in Israel or around the world are one people, with a shared destiny. When we are united, we are stronger and we must work to overcome the many challenges we face, remembering always that we are Am Yisrael.

Israeli agriculture has faced a challenging time since October 7th, but at Emunah Day Care Centers the children are learning about the important work that farmers do and where our food comes from.

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