Basketball Sensation!

EMUNAH Achuzat Sara Children’s Home in Bnei Brak is proud to host an all-girls basketball team. The team is coached by professional players in conjunction with the  Hoops for Kids organization.  Recently, the group enjoyed a special workshop with famous Israeli player and sports personality Tamir Goodman (aka “the Jewish Michael Jordan ”) and visitor Adi Topolosky from America.  Adi became a viral sensation after she was featured on Good Morning America and the Kelly Clarkson shows in America, for her girl’s empowerment in sport campaign, and, as a voice for young female athletes.   Adi also raised money for her Bat Mitzvah (religious ceremony marking a girl’s coming of age in Judaism), to help support the girl’s basketball program at the EMUNAH Achuzat Sara Home.  When travel to Israel was once again possible, Adi was able to visit the Achuzat Sara Children’s Home, and was warmly welcomed by all! She and Tamir Goodman conducted a basketball clinic along with playing a few games with the girls.

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