Carpentry Heals The Heart

Meet Segev.  He is a graduate of the EMUNAH Afula Children’s Home and now works as a counselor at the Afula Home where he grew up.  As a trained carpenter, Segev has incorporated this skill into an interactive therapeutic activity with the children residing in the Home.
Recently, Segev and boys from the EMUNAH Afula Children’s Home came to the EMUNAH Achuzat Sara Children Home located in Bnei Brak, to lead an activity there for a visiting family from America, who wished to commemorate  the Yahrzeit (anniversary of a death) of their beloved son and brother in a meaningful and tangible way.  Under Segev’s guidance and instruction, the family and children worked in partnership to create a beautiful wooden swing, and colorful planters which will be placed in the garden on the grounds of the Achuzat Sara campus, for all to enjoy. 

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