David’s Story: Unthinkable Tragedy, Unshakeable Faith, Unbelievable Healing

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“Sometimes, I am so afraid and feel all alone that I can’t stop crying at night. I don’t understand why these bad things have happened to me… I just want to be happy and safe.”


These heartbreaking words came from the mouth of David, a young boy who, by age 8, experienced physical and mental abuse far greater than any child should ever encounter. And that was only the beginning. 


One night, David witnessed his father stab his mother to death right in front of his eyes.


This unthinkable event prompted the authorities to send David and his siblings to various foster homes. Unfortunately, David’s trauma did not end there. He was further abused by his foster care “parents” for years, until he fled. Children deserve to feel secure and happy. They should expect to be cared for and loved by the adults in their lives. Unfortunately, for far too many children in Israel, this is not their reality. 


Finally, at 11 years old, David was sent to one of Emunah’s Residential Homes, where he was met with love, hope, and safety. Although, shortly after arriving, tragedy struck again when David’s father, who was in prison at the time, committed suicide. A few years later, his oldest brother did the same. Needless to say, David once again spiraled into a deep depression and PTSD.


The scars of abuse, trauma, and tragedy on children like David never go away entirely. Yet, there is hope for a better future. 


Tragedy is Not the End of the Story 


For over 80 years, Emunah–which is the Hebrew word for FAITH–has provided a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of Israel’s most vulnerable and at-risk children. Like David, these children are removed from their homes due to unimaginable, deplorable circumstances. But when they arrive at one of Emunah’s Residential Homes, their world is transformed. 


They are surrounded by professional, loving staff who are dedicated to the welfare and safety of each child. Through the power of FAITH, Emunah helps transform lives by empowering each child with the ability to move forward to a brighter future. 


David’s path to healing was slow yet evident. He began attending a local school, taking martial arts classes, and caring for a dog, as animal therapy is one of the most successful therapies for children suffering from PTSD. Even after unimaginable heartache and abuse, when children like David come to Emunah, they have the chance to heal and build a new life for themselves with the love and support of the “Emunah Family.”


By joining the Emunah Family, YOU can be a part of the miraculous healing experienced by the most broken and hurting children. When you support Emunah, you are providing the power of FAITH and the hope of healing to children like David.


Support our work to heal children in Israel who have suffered from abuse. ❤ Please donate today at https://www.emunahangels.org/donation-angels.

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