A Unique Approach To Healing Children Who’ve Suffered Abuse

Healing Children who have suffered abuse

Finding Joy in the Midst of Pain – Is No Laughing Matter


Dalia didn’t speak or smile. She cried every night, had nightmares, and constantly wet her bed.


Sara screamed and ran away at the sight of a candle or a match being lit near her.


Ari panicked whenever someone new spoke to him. You could see the fear and anxiety in his eyes, especially when someone tried to offer a consoling hug.


Every child brought to an EMUNAH Residential Home has experienced some type of trauma, whether sexual or physical abuse, familial dysfunction and severe poverty, substance abuse or, the tragic death of parents or caregivers. While each of their experiences is unique, all the children have one thing in common: they need help, hope, and, most importantly, healing. 


Dalia, Sara, Ari, and other vulnerable children like them spend their adolescent years afraid, traumatized, and anxious. Their distress is overwhelming and often paralyzing, making it difficult to open up and express their feelings or share their experiences. Because of this, many of the children don’t respond well to traditional therapy and counseling methods.


But there is hope! There is a way to help alleviate their pain and help them find inner peace and happiness. 


It just takes a bit of courage, some creativity, and… clowns!


Courage, Creativity, and Clowns to the Rescue


The pain children like Dalia, Sara, and Ari experience is serious. At EMUNAH, we’ve found the best way to break through the barriers brought on by their traumatic childhood is to sprinkle some fun, joy, and laughter into their lives. We do that through the EMUNAH Social Clowning Program. This innovative therapy helps children share their past experiences and traumas in a relaxed and safe environment. 


The clowns are trained to work with at-risk and vulnerable youth and know-how to build trust with children, so they open up and confide in them. The clowns then share this valuable information with trained therapists and social workers to develop integrated treatment plans for each child specific to their needs and experiences.


If only you could see the smiles on the children’s faces when their favorite clown shows up to spend time with them! It truly is remarkable. These children, whose life experiences have taught them the world is an evil, painful place filled with untrustworthy people, are learning to find joy, happiness, and healing they never knew was possible.


We’re Not Clowning Around…We Need Your Help


The Social Clowning Program is extremely instrumental in helping at-risk children begin to heal from their past trauma. The clowns not only provide joy and friendship, but they pave the way for other therapies to continue helping each child. 


When Dalia came to us, she wouldn’t speak or smile. Now, she lights up every time her favorite clown comes to visit.


When Sara came to us, she’d scream and run away at the sight of a match. Now, we know why because she confided in a clown. 


When Ari came to us, he’d panic when someone tried to hug him. Now, he’s the first to offer a big hug to greet the clowns!


Clowns bring hope, happiness, joy, and healing where there was once sadness, pain, and hopelessness. And you can make sure the smiles never stop coming by donating now to keep innovative, creative therapies like the Social Clowning Program alive! 


Support our work to heal children in Israel who have suffered from abuse. ❤ Please donate today at https://www.emunahangels.org/donation-angels. 


Watch to learn more about the impact of our Social Clowning Program on children.

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