Where There is Pain and Heartbreak, You Can Bring Hope and Healing

Emunah Angels Fundraiser to combat Domestic Violence

By age 12, Odell had endured more abuse, neglect, and trauma than many will in a lifetime. Not only was she born with a rare medical condition, but her dysfunctional childhood left her in a world where no one paid attention to her or her deteriorating health. 


Odell’s father led a dangerous cult that included the servitude of seven wives and their children. He held them against their will in an atmosphere of sexual degradation and excessive drug and alcohol consumption. The women were forced to participate in illicit activities while the children languished in unsanitary and deplorable conditions.


Like all of the children, Odell was abused, beaten, and starved. She was not allowed to attend school or have contact with the outside world. It was a nightmarish childhood with no end in sight until miraculously, one of the women was able to escape and alert the police.


The authorities intervened and brought Odell and her traumatized sisters to the Emunah Emergency Crisis Center for Girls in the dead of night. Their physical and emotional damage was extremely severe; the horror these girls went through is unimaginable. But because of the Emunah Crisis Center and Home, they found help, safety, and healing.


From a Shattered Youth to a Hopeful Future 


Without the support and security found at the Emunah Shelter and Crisis Center for Girls, Odell and her sisters would not be where they are and who they are today.


After three years of extensive trauma counseling and the support of our caring and loving professional staff, Odell and her sisters are mending the fragments of their shattered youth. They attend school, interact with other children, and have dreams of a healthy, safe future. 


Healing Comes at a Cost


The path to healing is not easy for girls who experience substantial traumas. They must receive extensive therapy and counseling to help facilitate healing and return to emotional stability.


Every girl brought to the Emunah Shelter and Crisis Center deserves the best programs, services, and experience to facilitate their long journey back to emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


Healing is not the same for every child, which is why we offer supplemental programs and activities critical to the healing process, such as interactive art and dance classes, animal therapy, and cultural trips.



The annual cost of running the Crisis Center is One Million Dollars. The limited funding we receive from the Ministry of Welfare leaves us $720,000 below our needs.


As the only girl’s Emergency Shelter and Crisis Center of its kind in Israel, it is critical that this Center stays open. In the past year alone, Israel has witnessed an unprecedented number of adolescents in crisis mode. Many suffer anxiety, severe depression and have suicidal thoughts.  Young adolescent girls are the most vulnerable and need immediate intervention and care. 


We know there are thousands of young girls just like Odell who need our help.


When the pain is too much, and the heart is broken – YOU Can Help them Heal by Supporting Emunah’s Emergency Shelter and Crisis Center for Girls, the only therapeutic facility of its kind in Israel.


Support our work to heal children in Israel who have suffered from abuse. ❤ Please donate today at https://www.emunahangels.org/donation-angels.


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