Is There a Doctor in the House?

The doctors of tomorrow are studying at Alma Emunah High School today. In a cooperative program between Alma and the Shaare Zedek School of Nursing, now in its third year, students from grades 7 and up are taking their first steps in the study of medicine and nursing.  Requiring a concentration for the bagrut (high school matriculation exams) of 5 units each in biology, medicine and a final project, the girls get acquainted with various departments in the hospital, learn about ethical issues that come up in medicine, and are introduced to medical technology.  The students get practical experience and meet on a regular basis with medical professionals including physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and even a medical clown.  As part of the program, the students also volunteer in the children’s wards.

A significant curriculum, relevant, connected to life itself and opening up the girls minds towards health and medical studies. The sky is the limit!

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