Music is the Voice of the Soul Crying Out to Be Heard

Music has the ability to transcend our differences and the power to unite people from different walks of life. Its very nature is one of harmony and peace, helping to build bridges of friendship and understanding between its listeners. 

EMUNAH Israel was privileged to recently host the musical child prodigy Ms. Alyssa Kok. Though Alyssa is from Singapore, she has been living in Austria and Poland for the past few years studying under world renowned classical pianists as a part of her training. Alyssa has already performed for audiences in Asia, Europe and North America and now, we were privileged to host her in Israel! 

In addition to performing for the children residing at the EMUNAH Neve Michael Residential Home in the city of Pardes Hana, Alyssa presented a powerful concerto for members of the Jerusalem EMUNAH chapter at an evening entitled “Music and Magic”.  Proceeds from this evening helped to raise much-needed funds for EMUNAH’s Teenage Girls Emergency Shelter and Crisis Center.  We are honored that Alyssa has joined the EMUNAH Family, and is helping to support the disadvantaged and at-risk children and families in Israel

Won’t YOU, too, open your heart to the cry of the music, and help support the girls in EMUNAH’s  Teenage Girls Emergency Shelter and Crisis Center. Help these abused and traumatized girls get the necessary support and counseling for them to heal and re-enter society as whole. 

To make a tax deductible donation to the EMUNAH Teenage Girls Shelter and Crisis Center in Neve Michael:

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